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I found this article on Twitter a couple of days ago and felt compelled to share it. Full disclosure: I worked at a for-profit college for almost seven years. During this time, I gained a lot of worthwhile experience, but also solidified my position against for-profit education.

I met all kinds of students. In some cases, they were motivated and bright but lacked the opportunity to attend a traditional college. This was usually due to financial reasons, time, or they just felt they would never graduate, However, many other students were admitted without the ability to complete the work.

Is it better to provide the opportunity to these students? This was a question I often pondered. More accurately, is it ethical to do so?

In recent years, a lot of major national newspapers have published articles on the high costs of college. Sometimes it is attributed to bloated administrations, other times it is explained by the fact that so many people are attending college.

I find myself growing increasingly worried about the status of higher education. More people than ever are attending college, but not all of them should be. Some solutions I have heard include the following:

  • Tighter legal restrictions on admissions (requiring entrance exams and standard levels of qualification)
  • Restrictions on student loans by career choice (seemingly fascist, but I understand the sentiment)
  • Requiring accreditation (another good idea).

Any thoughts are appreciated!

One thought on “For-Profit Education”

  1. I feel that for-profit colleges take advantage. The ridiculous cost of a university education is prohibitive. I know that I will never pay off my student loans. I will keep up the payments (most of which just covers the interest), but the govt. will have to eat the cost when I die.

    Higher education is facing a sea-change. I think that entrance exams and requiring accreditation are good ideas. Restricting student loans, not so much. How about we work out a system whereby college is more than affordable for everyone making student loans obsolete. I know this is a pipe dream, but it is something to work for. Society would benefit tremendously if higher education was readily available to everyone.

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