Visual Assignment 44—Album Cover

Hoover City Schools – As they see themselves!

This looked like a fun assignment. I did, however, have some pertinent worries: photo editing. Admittedly I have limited experience in this area. To remedy this, I looked online for a free and sophisticated photo editor. Fotoflexer seemed like an adequate program based on reviews so I signed up and started playing around with the features. Everything needed was easy and available for free.

Completing the Assignment:

First, I clicked on the first link to a RANDOM WIKIPEDIA PAGE (link to my page) for my band name. I’d never head of “Hoover City Schools”, but it sounded like an excellent band name.

For the album name, I clicked the random quotation link and found this Abraham Lincoln Quote. The last 4-5 words were “As they see themselves”. I’d definitely heard the quote before, but never imagined I’d have to use it for an assignment. It made me wonder how “hoover City Schools” see themselves…

Lastly, I clicked the Flickr link to find the 3rd image on the page for my album cover. The bird image is very pleasant. Plus, it provides a lot of room for editing: not too complex, easy to manipulate, and nothing that requires a sharp focus.

I downloaded it to my computer and uploaded it to Fotoflexer to start my work. Now, the real fun began.

The first thing I did was  select the “Retro” function to make the image looks more like an old-fashioned backdrop. I imagined this project as an album cover from the 60s or 70s. Once the image looked blurred enough (but still revealed the bird), I added the captions. I wanted the Artist Name to be the biggest so I selected the regular text box, but I found another one that looks like a quotation for the album title. I placed the quotation textbox next to the bird’s head to look like he/she was saying it.

Overall, a fun project! It took a little experimenting, but was definitely worthwhile!


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