This blog post is my Week 1 Reflection for ILT5340 (INTE5340, DS106) in which I discuss how well I did in completing the assignments for this week, what did I struggle with, what do I regret (if anything), my questions, the larger issues surrounding my work, and a self-assessment.

Starting out with a BANG!

I intended to start out the first week of this course with a “Bang”. For me, this meant completing an extra DailyCreate and ensuring all other assignments were done with as much attention to detail as possible. I completed the Visual Assignment, three daily creates, my reading response, my digital story critique, and annotations on two colleagues reading responses/digital story critiques. It was a lot to do, but very rewarding!
The visual assignment was probably the most fun! I like album covers and thought it would be a good way to start the term. It was the first assignment I completed and will definitely serve as a milestone for me. I had never done much online photo editing before and was glad to find Fotoflexer. In addition, my dailycreates proved very rewarding. Both the assignments and the daily creates will compel me to learn new technology. Plus they’re fun!
The course reading was dense, but very interesting at the same time. It was heavy on the theory. As for the digital story critique, I feel like I selected a good video and reviewed it well. I will become more adept at this with time. I also need to grow more accustomed to Hypothesis and using it as a communication tool. Again, it will come with time.
My regrets, which will serve as required issues to address in the coming weeks, are as follows:

  • Not completing the optional weekly readings-I’ve had an extremely busy week and was pinched for time, but no more excuses. FROM HERE ON OUT, I AM REQUIRED TO COMPLETE AT LEAST ONE OPTIONAL READING EVERY WEEK.
  • Going further with Hypothesis-I hope to use it as much as some people use Twitter.
  • Panicking about the course workload-It’s fun, so I should just enjoy the challenges.

The largest issue surrounding my work that I will continue to address is definitely the role of digital storytelling in the library classroom. I hope to apply the concepts I acquire in this class to my daily work by improving “information literacy”.
Self-Assessment: Meeting Expectations.
I genuinely feel that I exceeded in some areas, met expectations in others, and could stand to improve in a few. I am definitely an active contributor of assignments and devote a lot of time to them. In addition, I am also getting quite adept at using the technology. The biggest thing I need to work on is completing the extra course readings. Overall, I met expectations this week.

2 thoughts on “Starting with the proverbial "BANG": My Week 1 Reflection”

  1. It sounds like you are diving in, all sorts of ways. It’s interesting, because I am an “outsider” to your class, taking part in Daily Creates and such, and yet, here I am, commenting on your blog about your work in the class. That open nature of discourse is important. And I appreciate being able to follow your adventures. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for reading! I’ve been struggling a little, but it usually ends with the thought “that wasn’t so bad.” Do you have a blog? Stay tuned for more posts (and tell your friends)!

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