I am not  much for audio. In fact, when I heard/read about the sizeable audio component of the work in ILT5340, I felt pretty scared. As previously stated, I have no experience with the recording/mixing/remixing/editing of sounds. At the outset of this course almost TWO WEEKS ago, I thought I might just select DS106 assignments randomly without copping out and choosing what seems to be the easiest one. However, I soon realized that some of the assignments might prove too difficult and I would not be able to do them well (at least not up to my borderline-perfectionist standards). I did, however, find this one and thought it would be fun. Plus, I could easily tie it in to my “Libraries and Librarianship” storytelling theme.

Me with recording software:


The directions: Record a message of joy and cheer to a “village”.

What I did: I toyed around with the theme a little bit and decided to proclaim my village (over which I govern) “Library Village”. having done extensive work with Open Educational Resources, I decided to focus my announcement on this topic. Having written my announcement, I then searched online for a free voice recorder because I am still figuring out Audacity. I settled on Online-Voice-Recorder because it took me less than ten minutes to master. There is a simple “Record” button and a few basic options for editing your input. From there, all you have to do is record, download, and upload to SoundCloud. Here it is! Hope I didn’t permanently scar the residents of my village.

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