It’s been one week since this infernal song was stuck in my head (DO NOT CLICK LINK! I MEAN IT!). By clicking the link, you accept all responsibility for your ensuing headache. If you’re a professor who is reading this blog as a course assignment, I understand if you need to dock me points (only kidding a little).

Week 2 has been better. To be a little less vague, I feel like I have produced better work this past week in comparison to the previous week. This is not to say that I am displeased with the first week, but my more recent posts (first daily create, second daily create, a reading response, a digital story critique, an audio ds106 assignment, and countless annotations in were of slightly higher quality. I challenged myself whenever possible without biting more than I could chew.

As usual, I found the reading engaging and enlightening. I discovered the presence of remixing in so many activities. Prior to this week, I had not yet put this much thought into what takes place in the creation of so many different types of content. The section on Lawrence Lessig was a treat (I’ve been a fan for years)! I selected my article and the collection of OER links because I felt they both tied in with the required reading nicely. I am also deeply passionate about these topics. Annotating in a smaller group was also lots of fun! By interacting with a handful of my classmates on a very frequent basis, I will be allowed more time to devote to them (and grow a deep familiarity with the work of others).

The dailycreate assignments were fun! At the beginning of this week, I decided to challenge myself by simply doing the assignment I encountered on that day of the week regardless of my familiarity with the tools and skills required for completion. I definitely lucked out because I have edited photos previously, but I put a lot of work into these tasks.

My DS106 Audio Assignment was easily the most challenging. As I’ve stated in many previous posts, I have limited exposure to audio editing (dare I say “remixing”?) tools and was worried about coming out with a product that meets my (admittedly high) standards. However, I had little trouble with Online Voice Recorder and found the process to be lots of fun.  I even found a way to tie it into my theme!

For Next Week: This is the section in which I discuss what I wished I could’ve done better and how I plan on improving for next week. As I’ve said, I have had a successful week in my course. However, I feel that I could’ve done more to challenge myself with tools and skills to learn. I expanded my reading and felt that I could tie it all together effectively, but will try to go even deeper in my analysis for the coming week. I hope to address more of the optional/suggested readings. I will also seek out an assignment that features a challenging and new tool for me to learn.

Of all the larger issues surrounding my work, the role of librarians in a world of digital content continues to emerge as the dominant theme.As the assigned readings for the course stress the “collaborative” and “constantly changing” nature of creating content (i.e. remixing), my selected readings are addressing the impact of these forces on libraries. In the coming weeks, I will continue to seek out resources that relate to my topic as much as possible.

Self Assessment: I feel that I am exceeding expectations in this course (namely, my own). I successfully adapted to the large workload of this course and am having a great time doing it. My greatest accomplishment has been my ability to write and compose in my own voice/style (especially my sense of humor). However, this often inspires a student to get comfortable which must be avoided at all costs. I did well, but I still have a ways to go.






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