I did it! I used a video technology with which I had no prior experience! Everyone (mostly me), rejoice!


OK, maybe I’m getting a little too excited, but exploring a new video editing technology is-for me-a more than potentially daunting task. Although I am a frequent Camtasia user, I know little of other technologies for similar projects. With that in mind, I looked anxiety in the face and laughed.

For this weeks DS106 Video Assignment, I decided to take my chances and selected the “Random” button. This assignment came up: Play It Backward, Jack.  The directions were simple: record a video of something in my life and reverse it. Also, I must try as hard as possible to tie it into my theme of…..wait for it…Libraries and Librarianship.

In order to find a suitable program, I searched frantically (well, not too frantic) to find a video editing program that would fit my needs, had a “reverse” feature, and with which I had no prior experience. During my search, I came across an article about the new “reverse” feature in Snapchat; the app that the kids love and many adults scorn. The often touted stereotype is that only the young understand how to use it. I decided to test this notion and downloaded it to my phone.

After fooling around with it for a few hours, I figured out how to take a video and put it in reverse (by swiping). I decided to record from my perception as I walk through the library stacks at my workplace. After editing the video, I emailed it to myself and uploaded it to my YouTube account. Overall, it proved to be much easier than I thought.

This assignment proved to me that seemingly difficult tasks are not always what they seem. It’s the anxiety over the unknown and failure that’ll get you in the end. I resolve to try new technologies as much as possible!



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