Since beginning this course up to the most recently completed assignments (and even the current moment, right now), I thought about something an old college friend of mine had a habit of saying, “This will not end well.”

bad omen

His tone was typically playful and sarcastic. Some of the contexts of him saying this included inviting too many people to a party, taking an hour long drive at 3AM, or selecting a questionable item from the dining hall. Whenever I asked him for clarification (sometimes offended by his lack of faith in me, events, other people), he would clarify, “If you’re a pessimist you’re always pleasantly surprised.” This retort made sense to me for far too long. Being a pessimist compels me to over-exert myself when it is not necessary to do so. It sometimes make me worry about every little detail in the classroom, office, and personal life. I’m a happy guy, but can be a little neurotic sometimes.

Based on my experiences with these sentiments and beliefs, this week has been the greatest success at all. Instead of worrying, I paced myself and had more fun!

I had an excellent time completing the assignments this week. Instead of working on several assignments simultaneously, I took on one at a time and successfully finished each one. I always knew multitasking was a myth. 


The DS106 Video Assignment got me out of my comfort zone. Like many people who are no longer young (relatively speaking), I was terrified of Snapchat. Very few people I know use it and it is often looked on with disdain. Specifically, I know lots of people who find it useless. Luckily for me, I figured it out in half an hour and was able to put a video I recorded in reverse within one hour. Not so painful!

The daily creates, being dailycreates, were fun. I waited for some that required skills I had not yet acquired! By skills, I mean drawing. My childhood home drawing pretty good though!

The readings were probably the most challenging part. Since I resolved to read absolutely everything listed this week, I had to devote a significant amount of time each day to carefully going over each text. This is where the annotations were extremely effective! I truly felt that I learned a lot from my classmates and am hoping I can consistently return the favor (hint: I know I will). This assignment provided me with yet another example of the effectiveness of social learning. I enjoy this part the most.

I can honestly say that I am completely pleased with the pace and quality of my work this week! That’s never happened to me before (well, rare).

The larger issues surrounding my work continue to grow and become more succinct. With my theme of “Libraries and Librarianship”, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to read so much about OER because it ties directly into these issues. As the world transforms continuously and digital media expands with it, libraries and librarians will play a key role in guiding people to free and open resources. I certainly felt an increase in my professional pride.

For next week, the struggle will be to keep it up! I intend to set aside a couple of hours each day for my coursework. By “set aside”, I really mean mark it in my calendar and stick to it. Usually, I complete my work on an as needed basis (i.e. whenever I have free time). By pacing myself, enjoying the work as much as possible (which I do!), and focusing on my learning and growth, my work might turn out even better than before!

Self Evaluation: Exceeding. I like to think so!



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  1. Hi Oliver – It took me a little while to find the pace too. Are you taking just this class?

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