When I first encountered the “design” category on the DS106 Assignment Bank, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Unlike the other assignments I’ve completed so far, this one does not specify which medium I will use. When I think design, I imagine audio, video, images, and just about every other form of digital output. In a moment of extreme bravery, I clicked the “random” button (even though the term bothers me due to it’s over misuse).


The assignment I encountered seemed like a lot of fun! I was tasked with designing a menu! I am a long time restaurant buff and have always imagined what might make a good menu. The assignment allows for any type of layout design software. Since I already have InDesign experience, I looked for another potential outlet.

A google search for “menu design” revealed a TON of tools that I could use. I took a look at imenupro as an option, but shortly after discovered it isn’t free! Same with menudesignshop. NEXT!

Finally, I found Canva. After some investigation, I learned that all it requires is a free sign-up and is very user friendly! They even offer free templates, images, and illustrations

Now that I have my assignment and tools, all I needed was a good theme. I could easily just list a bunch of food items, but there needed to be some unique “quirk” to utilize. After a brief period of frustration, I noticed that one of the patrons in my library was reading an article about the favorite foods of celebrities. An enormous light bulb went off in my brain. Why don’t I search the web for this topic and design my menu based on these foods?! Not exactly library related, but I discovered the article in my library!

I began by selecting a basic template for a diner. I liked the font and arrangement and felt it would be easy to put my own marks on it. Next, I organized the food categories and entered the favorite foods of celebrities. One of the best things about Canva is the “copy” feature that makes it easy to ensure all the sections are the same size and format. Once all the sections were complete, I added some free stock photos and images that fit with my theme.

Once I finished up, I downloaded a jpeg and Pdf. Overall, it was a very fun experience!

Perhaps better than any other assignment I’ve completed thus far, this one is an excellent depiction of typical library computer usage. People have the power of database searching at their fingertips, but they often choose to focus on seemingly trivial matters (myself included)




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