This week seemed to fly by at a much faster rate than the previous ones. Like last week, I paced myself, but I still felt compelled to jump in proactively. I am still enjoying the course very much (and I don’t anticipate any changes to that), but there’s always a solid combination of excellent work, room for improvement, and solid learning.

The oddest component of this weeks work was the experience of reading about doing something while doing it (blogging, hint hint). In the best possible way, I felt like I was dissecting myself under a microscope.


For some reason, part of me still hesitates to consider my blogging activities to be academic publishing. I am a student and librarian with only a limited amount of publishing experience in the traditional model of scholarly communication. However, I feel proud of my contributions and am especially pleased to be able to write them in my own voice (the “dumb sense of humor I inherited,” says my father).


My peer-review experience, however, definitely was a contributing factor to my opinions on academic publishing via blogging. I enjoy being a peer reviewer, but often worry that we are applying too much scrutiny to submissions. Whit eit ensures that the pices we accept are of the highest quality and factually correct, I sometimes feel like the submissions would benefit everyone as blog posts (enhancing communication, constructing identity, getting ideas out there).

The work I completed was challenging and satisfying. My DS106 assignment was possibly the weakest. I enjoyed the assignment and successfully accomplished it, but am now thinking that I could have made it even more relevant to my theme (but I liked it). Plus I tried out a new tool! The reading response was the most fun! I had a lot to write about this week and was able to genuinely express how I feel about blogging. As for the dailycreates, I continued to refine my digital editing skills and had fun doing it! Sorry about my digital story critique. I’ll pick a less annoying subject next time.

For next week: Keep it challenging, but avoid going overboard!

Self-Assessment: Meets/Exceeds expectations.


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