It’s the same old (challenging song): I look through the mashup assignments and find several that look exciting and challenging, but I must narrow them down to a single one that I can adapt to my theme of “Libraries and Librarianship”. Arguably, most of them can be adapted to relate at least tangentially to my storytelling topic. With this in mind, I settled on an image editing one that requires cropping and smooth editing (both of which have given me trouble in the past).

The name “Talky Tina” rang a bell when I first read the directions of the assignment, but I couldn’t remember where I’d heard it before. As soon as I googled “Talky Tina”, I slapped myself on the forehead (yes, I love Twilight Zone). The directions are to crop Talky Tina’s head onto another person/character/animal/thing.

I searched Google Images for Talky Tina and found one using the “usage rights” parameter that I could edit. I searched again for “Librarian” using the same restrictions and happened upon the photo for this Wikipedia page. What immediately struck me was the definition of “semi-profession” (paraphrasing): an occupation that requires skills and knowledge, but is not a true profession.

That last sentence made me smoke! The photo of a librarian (female, of course) associated with this page hit several anti-prejudiceĀ (chauvinism, misogyny) and professional (librarian) nerves. Based on the age of the photo, I can see it is from a time before advances in gender equality took place (with still a long way to go today). To think that my occupation was once considered “not a true profession” makes me proud to live in the present. Anger all around.

I found in one of the tutorials a tool called “Faceinwhole” that allows users to crop faces and insert new ones easily.

I decided to paste the head of “Talky Tina” on this librarian as a satirical statement on perceptions of librarianship from days past. It combines the injustice of societal and professional norms (that most people see the librarian as a non-professional little doll). However, she is much smarter than the foolish onlookers.

talkytina headswap


Now with lunapic!



Let’s try it one more time (with magic wand)!


8 thoughts on “Talky Tina Semiprofessional Remix: DS106 Mashup Assignment”

  1. Well, you got that right, Bub! It has been a good disguise for me on several missions because libraries have lots of books and you can move inside the stacks for hours and not even see another person. Especially if you’re in the right sections where they have books that those kinds of people that you said would never even know about or go looking for or if they even did find them they wouldn’t even understand them. Plus, libraries are good place to hang out Even when you’re not waiting for them are going there for a drop because you can read all the books without even having to check them out.

    Now, about this Face in the Hole thing. It is okay I guess for maybe the first time you do I head replacement, but it is not a good long-term strategy because you need to amp up your skills past it. So if I make this a challenge for you to make another one right now today but do it using a different and more better way.

      1. Well, that is even worse. Nobody wants to be a face in a hole one or a face in an oval hole with their face all stretched like Stewie. You need skills that use a tool like a magic wand one that let you get right in between the hairs for a quality job. Because a face-in-the-hole one keeps happening to me and I am running down on my goat collection that they keep getting.

        What if you had to do a create and it wasn’t a face but instead a canoe or another thin like a MOOC cow or a syndication bus? They don’t have a cow-in-hole website or a bus-in-a-hole one so you need generical transferring skillz.

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