This has been one of the most fruitful weeks for me in terms of learning and strong skill development. I’ve been very busy with work and was consumed by worry that I would not be able to devote the same amount of time to ILT5340. Fortunately for me, I was proven very wrong.

money mouth

My DS106 mashup assignment was hands down the most challenging part of this week. In support of my convictions, I selected the “random” feature on DS106 assignments and came up with Talky Tina. I was happy to have selected a photo editing assignment, but could never have anticipated what was in store.

Shortly after finishing the assignment, I received a challenge from another blogger to use a more sophisticated tool than Faceinhole. I tried again using Lunapic but the result came out worse than the original. I must’ve spent a couple additional hours trying to improve my assignment. As the result, I am now featuring all three attempts on my blog!

This exercise really put the “continuous” nature of education into perspective for me. The challenge compelled me to keep trying and trying again if the result isn’t the best it can be. In my professional and academic life, I must always keep in mind the importance of maximizing my effort for the highest level of learning.

The readings provided an excellent complement to my creative output. As a student in ILT5340 and DS106, I am given a choice in which skills I hope to develop. Despite the formal elements of teacher and student and classroom software (Canvas), I am in charge of my own education and am lucky to be able to pursue it in this manner.

All other assignments provided excellent opportunities for me to improve as a digital storyteller. My DS106 daily creates  were challenging and fun as I developed my skill levels on audio and image editing. As for my critique, I felt a strong motivation to select a new medium (and the resulting critique is thorough and enlightening).

The challenge for me will be to keep up my output on the currently established level of quality. In the coming weeks, I will do everything I can to seek new skills and tie everything I’ve learned together.

Self assessment: Meets Expectations.

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