My personal criteria for completing this weeks DS106 Assignment are as follows:

  • Pick something that will enhance your technological skill set and digital literacies.
  • Pick something that can be made relevant to my digital storytelling theme of “Libraries and Librarians”.

I’ve mentioned these traits as desirable ones in all my previous assignments, but my freedom to choose any particular assignment type gave me a surge of creative inspiration! I felt determined to satisfy both measures in a way never done before by me. Keeping with last week’s diligence in mastering my photo editing skills, I decided to venture down the same path and make my readers (and teachers, and self most importantly) proud.

The assignment: The Forrest Gump Project

The directions: Edit myself into a historical photo.

This assignment required a couple of deep considerations. I hate Forrest Gump and think it is the sappiest, tackiest movie I’ve ever seen. The plot is laughably obvious and the whole thing seems to do all the thinking for the viewer. My personal views on the assignment namesake, however, have no actual bearing on the quality of the assignment itself. Furthermore, it took some time for me to determine what constitutes a (I will not use “an”) historical photo. Does it have to be black and white? Possibly, for effect. Does it need to include a figure/place that is immediately recognizable to the general public? Absolutely not. My readers will understand.

The photo I selected as a backdrop for myself is a 1906 photo of construction at the New York Public Library’s main branch. Since the library was founded only ten years prior, I can only imagine what the atmosphere looked like prior:


I selected a photo of myself at the reference desk of my library and edited myself out using the magic wand tool on lunapic. This time proved much easier in that I had lots of practice last week. Once I’d finished cropping, I saved the image to my computer and then uploaded the background (see above). Here is the end result:

Me at nypl

I like to imagine that John Jacob Astor & Company are forcing me to work even during construction! The photo is definitely a better edit job than my previous attempts. I even made sure to take my desk and plant with me! At least there’s some sign of life down here. Also, I hope that powder isn’t asbestos.

I posit that this is my best remix. Well, one of them.

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