From the wonderful people at Jonesboro Library comes a particularly catching library outreach poster:


I was very pleased to come across this Photoshop remix example. True story: it happened BY ACCIDENT! I suppose happenstance is a force that often leads us to some of the best ideas.

After a careful examination (in which I carefully reviewed the poster to determine what programs might have been used), I’ve come to the conclusion that whatever tool was employed by the librarians (Fotoflexer, Adobe, Lunapic, something more expensive), it was done effectively! On the other hand, the author may have used a meme generator, but how could they have stacked them together so neatly? For all the aforementioned points of curiosity, I am happy with my digital story choice. Here comes the review…

Kinds of involvement: There are definitely a few involvement types very present in this remix. Above all, it is definitely humorous! Each component, whether reliant on pop culture or dirty jokes, makes the viewer laugh and gets the point across. Having seen many images of this type before, I can also safely conclude that it is a meme. These types of images are used by all sorts of individuals for many different purposes (humor, Facebook updates, and even outreach). I wouldn’t say that this remix establishes an artistic identity on a mass scale since it is a collection of versions of a popular meme, but it is very effective for branding library services to patrons. The library seems to be a funny place.

Literacy Dimensions: As usual, librarians know their stuff! The author(s) of this remix have a clear mastery of photo editing tools, assuming that a meme generator wasn’t used in the process. Ben Bizzle, the librarian with the website featuring this photo, states that this was a billboard that took a lot of exhausting work to create. Specifically, the juxtaposition of each image seemed difficult (according to the description). Lastly, although this image was not marketed via outlets for digital content, the fact that it is a billboard shows a strong understanding of getting the attention of the public.

There are also a few ways in which I think Ben Bizzle and Company could have included more literacy dimensions. Firstly, they could have included more photos and then added funny captions. This process would have also played a key role in establishing an artistic identity. Uploading this photo to Facebook or another social media outlet and making it part of an internet campaign too would have been an effective means of getting the word out. This is not to say it isn’t a job well done, but there is always room for improvement

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