The worst and the best thing possible both happened this week. I felt myself getting extremely fatigued, but I managed to power through it. Overall, Week 6 has been very challenging and rewarding. I am continuing to develop my knowledge of digital storytelling, technological literacies, and my ability to have fun being busier than I’ve ever been.


I am very proud of my Week 6 assignments. Both dailycreates were fun and not particularly stressful. Early in the term, I challenged myself to choose whatever dailycreate happens to be posted when I access the site (rather than waiting another day for an “easier” one). Ever since this challenge I am pleased to say that I stuck to it. As with every week, my digital story critique  and DS106 assignment were challenging in that I had to make them relevant to my “Libraries and Librarianship” theme. In many cases, there is no way to make a DS106 assignment relevant to a specific topic which narrows your choices down significantly. The digital story critiques, however, are a little easier to find. Next week I hope to choose a completely new medium in order to challenge myself and stay on my toes. As always, I enjoyed the reading and reflection the most.

The most difficult part of this week was finding enough time to complete all the assignments. Earlier this year (January), I simultaneously started school and a new job. As you might have guessed, it has been a very stressful yet rewarding time in my life. I am constantly learning new things and have significantly improved my time management skills (out of necessity). Every assignment is challenging and fun. Managing so many changes at once forces a person to develop skills in a very short amount of time. Maybe anxiety is a good thing.

For next week: I will keep it up! I will continue to challenge myself as much as possible by seeking out opportunities to try programs/services in which I lack familiarity. I will maintain my high level of drive and commitment that I began the term with several weeks ago. I will interact with my peers even more than I have been.

Self assessment: Meets expectations.

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