I believe this is my final DS106 Assignment: Back to basics. Even if I am wrong, I believe that this one warrants a special title: Oliver learns Photoshop!

Yes, you read me right. I have (poorly) used Photoshop on many occasions. These occasions have been primarily related to library outreach such as flyers, brochures, and classroom handouts on databases and other research tools. In all of these instances, I was working with a template (like a coward) and was not quite ready to venture beyond my comfort zone. Even for the duration of this class, I will admit that I had been avoiding Photoshop. This week, however, I have boldly gone where Oliver has never been before (using split infinitives along the way).

The directions: Pick a photo and create a stencil out of it using Photoshop or another photo editing tool (and make it relevant to my “Libraries and Librarianship” theme.

Like every other posting of mine, I am confident that this one reflects my “voice”. More specifically, it reflects my profession and dumb sense of humor. Did I mention I learned Photoshop?

It was a pretty simple process: Open the photo, remove the color, and voila! Unfortunately, it took me a while to adjust the contrast in order to capture each section of the card catalog appropriately. This is an ornamental card catalog near my desk that (once in a blue moon) someone unfamiliar with online catalogs actually tries to use!

Original photo:



card catalog

This turned out pretty awesome! I will never be afraid of remixing technology again!

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