My class introduction assignment

  • What is my definition of creative?
    • I believe that creative can refer to any human source of ideas. The ideas themselves are often (always) expired by external stimuli. Although lots of creative people like to think of themselves as mere vessels for inspirations, I disagree. Creativity happens when someone is inspired and comes up with the idea.
  • What are my three main strengths as a designer?
    • I am very determined and refuse to give up. A big examples of this is resubmitting assignments when it is not necessary.
    • I am very empathetic and strive hard to get inside the heads of my students and other members of my school community when completing a project for them.
    • I WELCOME feedback (sometimes too much).
  • What are my three main weaknesses as a designer?
    • I have a lot of trouble letting go. To say I am a “perfectionist” is cliché and I am not, but I fret and nitpick over mistakes.
    • I get easily distracted and simply cannot focus on more than one thing at once.
    • I worry that clients (my students) are too polite to tell me when something isn’t helpful (or could be better). My least favorite of all emotions (that I experience) is the feeling of, “Why didn’t you say something?”
  • What are my favorite colors?
    • My friends tease me for wearing only neutral tones. Lots of greys, but I do like green too.
  • What designers and/or design professions do I love?
    • My favorite design professions are Librarian (my own profession), Instructional Designer, eLearning Specialist, and Film Director (I love movies!!!!!).
    • My favorite designers (that come to mind) are 2 architects and a film director: Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe (love The Farnsworth House), I.M. Pei (love The National Gallery), and Wes Anderson (do I even need to describe…).
  • What design work do I enjoy?
    • I love making flyers, online research guides, and tutorials. Just getting started to infographics too so I’m very excited about this course.
  • What kind of work do I want to do in the future?
    • I hope to incorporate instructional design into librarianship whenever possible. In truth, I love both and could see myself working in either field. It’s just that I enjoy making research guides and tutorials so much. It’s how I decided to go back to school.
  • What is my superhero name and what are my superhero powers?
    • Superhero name: batcheloro (my old email from college that combined my last name a first initial. It kinda stuck as a nickname)
    • Super powers: Being a music and movie pedant, and my very wry sense of humor.

My superhero logo

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