Not too much, but a little. I am back and blogging again for the term. Instead of academic (and some would say “professional”) musings, this blog is a little about me and everything that has happened of late. I am not one who strives to put a positive spin on seemingly troublesome/worrisome/negative events and can assure my readers (not sure how many) that all things are, indeed, positive. A summary of changes:

After spending the better part of a decade living in Colorado, I have relocated to Chicagoland. Denver, I love you, but you’ve been bringing me down.

I suppose it’s something of a typical story: Protagonist finishes graduate school in Pittsburgh, moves to Colorado, toils away in academic library for years, falls in love, gets engaged, gets married, moves to Chicago with spouse. Maybe not so typical sounding when I summarize the content of so many years into a single sentence with too many clauses. Nonetheless, that happened.

The reasons behind our decision to move are multiple and I will address them in order of impact.


Ok, I think that sums it up. I will definitely elaborate on these reasons whenever the opportunity arises. Overall, things are great and will continue to improve.

Stay tuned.




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