Wow. Once again, it has been far too long since I’ve contributed a post to my blog. As I previously stated, life is busy and I am still whining (in the best possible way). Having settled into Chicagoland , I have more exciting news to report (in order of occurring to me as I write this post):

  • I am (somewhat) gainfully employed. Yes, I am a Part-Time Temporary Instruction Librarian at Dominican University. The fun stuff I get to do includes collaborating with my coworkers and English department staff on teaching ENGL102. Simply put, I teach college students how to think critically about information! The position contract goes until May, but I hope to stay longer (a suggested possibility). My coworkers are wonderful and I smile a lot. 
  • My final term of school at University of Colorado has begun. This means lots of things such as (a) I am taking two new classes (INTE6750: eLearning Trends and Issues, INTE5680: Producing Media for eLearning), (b) I am putting together my final portfolio. I will soon be able to hang a degree on my wall (and utilize the skills I needed to obtain it).
  • Professional epiphany – I’ve thought long and hard about the product I am offering the world. This thinking led me to a wonderful conclusion: I know how to promote myself as a professional. I feel that I want to be known as the academic expert on learning and information literacy. Libraries and Instructional Design go hand in hand, and I want to be the expert. It’s good to know what you’re doing!

As for these new classes and the projects that accompany them, stay tuned.

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