Ole & Graham-Drawing & TED: Stuff I watched/drew and what I think about it.


It’s a very busy time and an especi…

C.A.R.P. Infographic

For the past week, I’ve been thinking a lo…

Week 1: Creativity and Me

My class introduction assignment

  • What is my def

INTE6710: Creative Design for Instructional Materials


After a busy summer, I am once again e…

INTE5100 Final Project

Design Document

by Oliver Batchelor & Dust…

Learning Roadmap: ESL Course

Check out this Learning Roadmap¬†for INTE5100 my …


New coursework will be added soon!!!…

So, how’s it going?

Hi Folks,

My hiatus has officially ended! I had a …

A Final Course Reflection & Portfolio for INTE4530/ILT5340

My Portfolio

At the end of this course, I have man

Brace Yourself: Week 7 Reflective Summary


This post will be the last of my weekly reflectiv…

Fan-fiction and eye-rolling: Week 7 Digital Story Critique

The very moment I came across the term “fa

Going, going, back, back, to basics, basics: DS106 Final Assignment


I believe this is my final DS106 Assignment: Bac

Catching my breath: Week 6 Reflective Summary

The worst and the best thing possible both happe…

Judgmental Me: Daily Create #1648


My critical face for all to see!

critical face

Stacked Ads: Week 6 Digital Story Critique

From the wonderful people at Jonesboro Library

64 bit me: Daily Create #1647

One of the funniest dailycreates ever! TDC1647