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INTE6720: Big Ideas

My “Big Ideas Assignment” is an inquiry into two ID related concepts: Empathy and learning, and Project Based Learning: Click here for assignment

INTE6720: Resource Scan

A scan of resources on OER for INTE6720: Click here 


Greetings! It’s been an excellent summer, but I am now back in school with two exciting classes: INTE5660 – Developing Online Courseware INTE6720: Research in Instructional Design I should also inform you, dear reader, that I successfully completed my summer course and have added…

Affinity Space Project


Scholarly Critique 4: Gaming and Cognitive Style

In the research article “Students’ Reactions to Different Levels of Game Scenarios: A Cognitive Style Approach”, the authors focus on the impact of video game-based learning on students with differing cognitive styles. Using Pask’s schema of holist “whole to part” and serialist “part to…

Friendliness Pellets: Play Journal 4

This entry is about my gaming experience with Undertale­­­ and its unique characteristics that make for an especially satisfying experience. Despite my inconsistent and somewhat diminishing video-gaming habits, I have always had a fondness for role-playing video games (RPGs) and spent significant amounts of…

In The Form of A Question: INTE5320 Play Journal 2

In The Form Of A Question: Jeopardy! World Tour For iPhone This entry is about my gaming experience with Jeopardy! World Tour for iPhone. In order to enhance the depth of my gaming analyses, I decided to select a game with more interactive characteristics…

Stuff I Read & What I Think About It: INTE5320 Cycle 1

Brief Intro: INTE5320 is broken down into 8 two-week cycles. The first in the series, titled “Introducing Games & Learning”, focuses on content easily predictable by the title. Here is the return of “Stuff I Read” and I will continue to post these updates…

Let’s go out and eat hair: Week 5 Digital Story Critique

My digital story selection for this week is the product of lots of exploring and deep contemplation. Upon looking at the remix appendix at the end of Lankshear and Knobel Chapter 4, I noticed a remix type that I hadn’t previously considered: Political Remix….

Casino Lawn Speech: DailyCreate 1637

Dailycreate 1637 My first GIF! Mayor gives speech on his law about a new casino to be built!

Stuck in my head: Week 4 Digital Story Critique

Another week, another digital story to evaluate (and I mean it in the best way possible). Going forward, my weekly critiques will include a different framework taken from the appendix of Lankshear & Knobel’s Chapter 4 New Literacies and Social Practices of Digital Remixing….

Searching for Celebrities in the Library: DS106 Design Assignment

When I first encountered the “design” category on the DS106 Assignment Bank, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Unlike the other assignments I’ve completed so far, this one does not specify which medium I will use. When I think design, I imagine audio, video,…